Sunday, 2 April 2017

Guest Post: How to celebrate Spring - Icelandic Style!

This post is from the wonderful Unnur from Leikskóilinn Stekkjarás in Hafnarfjördur, Iceland. I have been so fortunate to visit Unnur in her school twice now and each time her enthusiasm and great attitude have been infectious. Here is a wonderful little post about how they let the children celebrate the warmer Spring weather, keep active and there is lots of problem solving & collaboration happening too. (As Unnur said herself: "Hopefully the pictures will tell you a little story as well")
'Get the hat/scarf out of the tree' - such a simple game!
Spring greetings from Iceland.  Yes we are optimistic here and the first sign is when we go into the woods and play the 'Get my hat out of the tree' game. We have played this game for a couple of years now and it is always fun time and a sign that the children are waiting to go out to play without winter jackets. 
The game is normally played around a tree that is either dead or about to be chopped down. So we need to throw our hats as high up in the tree as possible and either shake the tree if it is a tree that is going to be chopped down or if the tree is still in good condition then we go and find some long sticks and take turns in getting our hats down.  
Sometimes we need to ask a friend to help if we can't reach and sometimes we need to help a friend to find a better angle to get the hat down.
A fun thing to do when the we don't bring anything with us to the woods except good humour and warm things like hats & scarves that aren't needed.
Hope you all have a good Spring. 



  1. What a perfect way to celebrate spring!

    1. Isn't it just - so simple & yet so much fun!

  2. Humor and warmth pretty much sums up the whole Unnur and crew experience!

  3. Really interesting... Celebrating Spring outdoor and engaging with the mother earth is really awesome.

  4. Thanks for sharing this wonderful article,

    A long delayed second vlog


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