Friday, 29 April 2011

The lone tadpole croaks it!

Getting our frogspawn
Releasing the tadpoles
Luckily, through our regular visits to the woodland classroom, I discovered 2 years ago that we can actually have frogspawn in the classroom in N. I. So for the past 3 school years we have had a tank in the nursery to allow the children watch nature evolve first hand. Well, that was the idea but the first year the frogspawn developed into tadpoles but went no further, so we had to release all the little tadpoles back into the bog they came from after 2 months of nothing changing. Last year we had super tadpoles who all changed really quickly & had to be released after only 3 weeks. Then this year out of a whole bucket of frogspawn we got.......1 tadpole! It would appear that the worst winter in 40 odd years took it's toll on our poor tadpoles. But Hannibal (as in Hannibal the Cannibal) made it to frog stage only to keel over the next day! But doesn't he look delighted with himself sitting on the shell?