Saturday, 1 October 2016

A month of fun!

The first climb up onto the summer seat - always a good moment!
I can't believe the first month of a whole new school year is over - there is no doubt that September is the hardest month as we get all 26 children settled into nursery, for many it is the first time they have been with anyone other than family. This year we also have 6 little ones who don't speak English so it has been difficult for some of them to settle - it must be do hard when you know the adults don't understand you or you can't understand them. 

It never ceases to amaze me every year at how quickly the 2 different groups become one big class & begin to gel and play together. Once most are settled and happy to let their parents go it is definitely easier to have the class as one group and we can really begin to get the routines of nursery into place. The class have been embracing every opportunity offered to them & I love their enthusiasm for tackling lots of new experiences. 

We are very fortunate that we will have 3 childcare students working with us this term so we will have a 3rd adult every day but even at this early stage I can say that this class is proving a very manageable one with just the 2 of us. We'll enjoy the next 3 weeks of getting to know names, having the whole new experience of lunch & dinner in nursery, exploring the playground in a variety of weathers & making our first visit to Bear Woods. 

Here are just some photos of some of things the class have been enjoying so far:
"It's my name" 

"It's a crocodile"


  1. what a surprise to find your blog! thanks for it! I'm an Italian mum (of a 5yr old), living in Belfast from 3 years and quite discouraged by the educational system... I would love to visit your school and have a chat with you. How I could contact you?

    1. Hello Viviana - if you follow the link to my Facebook page 'Learning for Life' and send me a message I'll send you my email address & we can chat some more, Kierna

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