Tuesday, 24 May 2016

A great day in the forest.

We were very fortunate with the weather for our second trip to 'the big forest' at An Creagan. Last visit some of the children struggled to really enjoy the experience and were mainly concerned with eating their lunch! So this time, we were prepared and had some mini breadsticks for them to enjoy upon arrival, so they could then head off to explore the site with something in their tummies.
They seemed much more comfortable in the face this time round and enjoyed all of the great opportunities on offer - climbing up the steep banks, resting on the various platforms dotted around the banks, playing in the treehouse and looking for newts in the ponds.
The fairy tea party area had lovely new bunting and Peter was busy stripping the bark off some freshly cut spruce trees to make giant pencils. 
The beauty of this wonderful space is that it affords lots of opportunities for children to sit quietly and enjoy listening to the birds singing or the laughter and shouts of their friends. 

We enjoyed our lunch outside and then after a little play in the park beside 'The Wild Woods', we headed back to nursery on the bus. 


  1. Most of all, I really like seeing An Creagan change over the years. It feels like seeing a beloved cousin growing up and becoming a fine person!


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