Thursday, 28 January 2016

Bananas and chocolate on the fire.

In 2008 when I first tasted a chocolate filled banana cooked on a fire I was amazed at just how tasty it was. I hoped that some day I would be able to try cooking this with my nursery class & when we got our Haba outdoor fire it was one of the many things we attempted to cook with the class. 3 years on, it was time to introduce this culinary delight to a whole new class. They were allowed to put 2 squares of chocolate and 2 mini marshmallows into their banana - they all chose to put both into them. These don't take very long on a hot fire and after around 10-15 minutes they were ready to eat. 
In hindsight, the fact that most of the children don't eat bananas, it was ambitious to assume they would eat them this way - they all did try them, I think the lure of the chocolate tempted them but the majority didn't actually like them. However, 7 children and myself thoroughly enjoyed every bit of them!
Not one scrap of banana left!
I think we'll stick to toast & teacakes with this class - though we are going to try beans next week!

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