Thursday, 3 December 2015

A toasty day!!

I think this is for cooking fish but it's perfect for toast!
This year we have our outdoor day & cook on the fire on a Thursday when we have a wonderful parent co-working with us. This week we decided to cook some toast & offered the children a choice of butter, jam or cheese - or all 3 in some cases!

This class are incredible at all gathering together as soon as I begin to set the fire, they get the mats out & place them round the seats & then all get a place & sit chatting to each other as the fire lights & we begin to cook. 
They are incredibly good at waiting as it can take some time for 26 children to all get their piece of toast & some were asking for more before others had even had their first slice.
They all agreed that they could taste the fire on their toast & next week we'll break out the teacakes & toast them for a real Christmassy treat!!
A bit watery but toast none the less!
Afterwards some children went over to the forest area & began to cook their own toast, using sand, leaves & water & this part of the their play always makes me smile as they try to transfer what they experienced into their new play scenarios. It is wonderful to think that these children can play cooking on a fire with real first hand knowledge.
As we spend the whole morning outside, they get the chance to play for a much more extended period of time & even managed to discover the joy of walking on the Bottle Babies too!!


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  2. What a really lovely idea. It is refreshing to come across things I haven't thought of (my oldest is 19 this year). I only really think of bonfire night and smores for fires. I think we may have to try this.

  3. I agree it was so good bonding like this! my kiddo love this toasting a bread.
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  4. My kids loved cooking outdoors over bonfires and bbq's as they grew up, they still light a bonfire from time to time when they go to the beach. It's great that there's an opportunity like this for the kids at your nursery so that they can have this experience to carry with them in later life. It's sweet that they then go and explore the forest area and play outdoor cooking pretending to make the food they've just eaten. Thanks for linking up with me on Country Kids.

  5. What a great idea to spend some lovely family time. We haven't done toasting bread outdoors and this is definitely something I would try with my daughter. Thank you for sharing. :)

  6. yeah! outdoor activities can help to our child enhance of learning and also enjoy life for being a kid!
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  7. I agree it was so good bonding like this! my kiddo love this toasting a bread


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