Saturday, 28 November 2015

A week of outdoor fun!

Here is a glimpse into a busy week of outdoor fun:
Monday was a morning of exploring watercolours, the painting the children produced were gorgeous and some managed to get really strong colours from the paints. Then some discovered that the bowls in the mud kitchen were filled with ice - they had so much fun playing with it despite the cold!
Tuesday - tragedy struck when the tap fell off the water barrel and all the precious rain flooded away, this class really does treat water a the precious commodity it really is.
However their disappointment was short lived, as we headed off on a bus for our first off site trip of the year. We went to our partner school, Sperrinview, to play in their great new playground. It was incredible to see how much this space has developed in just one year.

Wednesday was a fun filled morning playing with the bottle babies, lego and enjoying the new pallet den I managed to cobble together. The children quickly transferred all the books & house corner 'stuff' into the space and happily moved in!

Thursday is our outdoor day - when we spend the whole morning outside and light the fire, this week we cooked some apples with sugar, butter and chocolate chips - the sugar & butter turned into toffee! 

Afterwards some children cooked their own 'apples' on their fire in one of the willow dens. I love it when the children transfer their real experiences into their play scenarios.
Friday was a drizzly cold day - we really had such a mix of weather in just 5 days. I enjoyed watching the children just get on with playing despite the rain & it is always great to see them begin to accept all types of weather and take it in their stride. The water barrel was fixed but empty so some were delighted to find lots of rain water in one of the red tops.
The joys of transferring water from one watering can to another!
Here's to another week of fun outdoors! 


  1. Pretend roasted apples! Delicious. Looks like you had a perfect week!

  2. What a great week in the life of your nursery, you have a perfect set up for little ones to enjoy the fresh air no matter the weather. It's great that you have an outdoor kitchen as well to encourage them to enjoy eating in the outdoors, I bet the apples tasted delicious too! There's so many different sensory activities for them to find, I'm sure the discovery of ice was a great learning experience for them too. Thanks for linking up with me on Country Kids.

  3. Looks like they had a great time. And it's great that playing outdoors and the nursery's ethos is helping them to learn how precious our resources are. #CountryKids

  4. wow lots of great activities and adventures they have had outdoors! I love it when they are encouraged to go out - even when the weather is a bit naff, just wrap them up warm and get the imagination going :) x #CountryKids

  5. Thanks ladies for taking the time to pop over from a jam packed #countrykids.


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