Monday, 29 December 2014

Farewell to 2014.

Some years are more memorable than others e.g. the year I met my husband, graduated college, got married etc.
I am a natural optimist but some years really test even the most positive types. 2014 was certainly such a year for me; my father-in-law & sister-in-law both died of cancer within 4 months of each other. The latter death hit the whole family hard, as my sister-in-law was so young (43) and had so much to live for. 
In the days after her death I was so glad to be at work, surrounded by young children who were a constant reminder of all that is good with the world. I have said it before, I am so lucky to be a nursery teacher, I get to laugh & hear laughter daily. 
If I learned one thing in the past 12 months it's that life is precious, 2014 had started with my niece awakening from a medically induced coma 18 days after a car accident. This certainly brought us much closer as a family and it helped us face challenging times over the year as her mum bravely battled her cancer. 

Life is to be lived, grabbing every chance & opportunity but most importantly for me, I have learned not to waste time trying to figure out why some people act they way they do. I generally give everyone a fair chance. & until they do something directly to me, I give them the benefit of the doubt.
I am looking forward to seeing the end of 2014 & can only hope 2015 is an easier year for those around me. 

So my resolution for 2015 is to believe in myself, be kind to others, give people a break; everyone can have an 'off' day & to stop stressing about the little things I can't change.
Mostly I am going to celebrate reaching another birthday, enjoy working with the young children in my class & seeing life through their eyes.
Here's to a better year for all those struggling with whatever life has thrown at them & go easy on people, you just never know what battles they are going through.
This post is dedicated to Alphy & Nuala Corr who passed away on July 13th and November 23rd 2014.


  1. Your family certainly had a difficult year. I hope 2015 brings you peace. There is nothing quite like children's' laughter to fill your heart with joy.

  2. Condolences. I'll also be praying for the full recovery of your niece. Those accidents shouldn't be more debilitating than they often are, as we have got the means available to make that so. I'm just hoping that all of have regenerated and recovered, coming into this new year. All the best!

    Steven Keltsch @ Allied Insurance Managers


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