Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Tab Toob.

This is a review post for the Tab Toob iPad case & strap set, I was lucky enough to get my hands on!
It has a removable protective screen pad.
In January my school got iPads - one for every teacher & a set for each class in Key Stage 2 to be shared with the classes in Key Stage 1 & Foundation Stage. My nursery class were fortunate to get 3, one myself & the 2 nursery assistants. iTeach UK who have been providing training for all staff in the past 6 months gave the nursery 3 tough cases for our iPads. 

I can't even blame the children, it was me who managed to break 2 of them while trying to get the cover back off to clean under the screen protector. (I now know how to actually get them off thanks to a You Tube video).

When I broke the 2nd one, I was lamenting about it on Facebook when a fellow blogger & friend said she had a Tab Toob to test but as she had an iPad mini it was no good to her. The lovely Juliet from Creative Star Learning Company, subsequently posted her sample Tab Toob over to me from Scotland.
First off it is so much lighter than the other cases normally promoted for use with the early years or special needs. I had found the nursery children couldn't hold the iPad with the tougher plastic case on it without help, so it ruled out letting them use it independently to take photos. More importantly it is so tactile as it is spongy & round, it feels like smooth polystyrene but the biggest advantage it has over other cases is that you can get a carry strap to attach so you can have it to hand. No more carrying it about in a backpack or under my arm or struggling to find somewhere to stash it when outdoors, so that it was close to hand if needed for videoing etc.
On hand when we are out in the playground within easy reach when needed.
On hand when out & about on trips too.
The tougher cases are great for indoors sedentary use but when out & about the Tab Toob wins hands down for me.
The fact you have your hands free & yet have the iPad to hand is a big bonus
The strap can also go across your body & is secured by toggles that tighten when it is in place. I will definitely be buying another Tab Toob so that 2 of us can always have an iPad to hand no matter where we are.

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