Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Last trip of the year - An Creagán.

This was a perfect end of year trip and a great way to spend the last day outdoors before the summer holidays begin on Friday. This was our 3rd visit to The Wild Woods & by now the children were confident about what route to take to the Wild Woods - they know they can run on ahead but must stop at the gate. After leaving their lunches at the fire circle, they all just spread off around the site to explore their favourite parts. 
There was a lovely surprise for us all today when we came across a tea party set up amongst some of the trees. One child decided that this had to be where the tooth fairy stopped off for a refreshing cup of tea when out collecting teeth! The children spent a long time here setting & unsetting the table & inviting friends to join them. (This space had been set up for a recent Mad Hatter's Tea Party)
Can you spot the Bottle Baby nestled in the grass?
Due to the recent hot weather the place was looking very lush & green but this made it hard to find any frogs or newts as they were so densely hidden in the folliage. There was lots of new art work dotted around the Wild Woods for us to enjoy too & some of the children had a ball painting trees, stones & tractor tyres - many painted themselves too, so apologies for those parents who have white poloshirts to wash covered with black paint!
Art work by Emily McFarland
After lunch the children enjoyed toasting giant marshmallows on the fire, these kept them chewing for about 10-15 minutes! 
Sarah, our amazing NVQ student & Peter, the education officer at An Creagán 'testing' the marshmallows!
We just had time for a short spell in the play park before heading back to school. I can't think of a more perfect place to have visited for our end of year trip.


  1. An Creagán gets more magical each time you visit. The magic from this last visit will be remembered by the children for a long, long time, I bet. So lovely.

    1. Apart from the midges it was a perfect day.

  2. I love the idea of the tea party and free painting! I'm sure the children had a wonderful time and will remember their trip fondly. Thanks for linking up and sharing the fun with Country Kids.

    1. Thanks for hosting again. It was a perfect end to a great year.


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