Thursday, 12 June 2014

A snapshot of our week outdoors.

Here is a little glimpse into how the week was spent outdoors at Windmill this week.
All the dungarees hanging up to dry after a morning in the mud kitchen & Bear Woods.
The weather has been really warm & sunny - very unusual for us to have more than 2 days of this kind of weather in a row, so we have made the most of it by spending as much time outside as possible. 

This week the class had their final visit to Bear Woods, they were a little sad to realise they will never be back in this space to play again but are also very excited about the move to 'big school' & the bigger playspace.
A lovely sunny morning for our last visit to Bear Woods.
We also discovered that lots of acorns had been dropped into an old cable reel on our forest area & have actually managed to grow into Oak saplings - the children have spent all week fishing the saplings out of the tiny hole at the top of the reel & the older children are going to plant them during their gardening club.
Several oak saplings have managed to grow out of an old sponge that had fallen inside the cable reel!
Inspiried by a Cosy poster entitled 'Free Play for Free', the children wanted to make a den with some of the long sticks, they did try this but soon discovered they'd rather have a tripod to hang the cooking pot off, so they could replicate our weekly fire. They have been cooking cakes & hot chocolate on this 'fire' all week.
The willow got a trim at the top this week too & the trimmings were great for whittling & playing with!
And as always the Bottle Babies played a central role in play - this time they served as drinks in a lemonade shop.
We only have 2 weeks of nursery left for this class & have so many events - parties, trips & visits & Graduation - it is going to be a busy last few weeks.


  1. A brilliant post with such great outdoor adventures. I love the different loose parts the children get to play with and their creations are amazing. Wonderful creative imaginations that you allow to develop. Truly amazing.

    1. Thank you Kim, what a lovely comment.

  2. Wonderful inspired play with great use of loose parts - the children are going to miss all the great outdoor adventures they had with you when they move up to big school! Thanks for linking up and sharing their fun with Country Kids.

    1. Thanks Fiona, they will but I am hoping to be more involved in helping to develop outdoor play in the whole school next year.

  3. Anonymous15 June, 2014

    Oohhh lots of things that you can do when it sunny! #CountryKids

    1. So true! Thanks for popping over from #countrykids


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