Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Finger Painting - Crossing the midline.

At the age of 3 & 4 many children still have problems with crossing the midline, some will swap hands when painting rather than be able to cross a page using the same hand. Here is a really good article on the subject http://www.ot-mom-learning-activities.com/crossing-the-midline.html

As usual we always try to make any activities that may be targeting a specific area, as fun as possible & finger painting is a great way to allow children to use both hands simultaneously & practice crossing the midline with ease.

It is a messy activity & sometimes we use ordinary paint with washing up liquid but this time I had proper finger paints, this month we are looking at the colour purple, so red & blue paint were used so the children could mix them together to get a sort of purple - it was more like maroon. The children declared it slimy, sticky, smooth, cold, like jelly & lovely!

If they wanted each child could 'capture' a print they had made in the paint & only 2 said they didn't want to do this.

I always love how some children who aren't as confident using markers or pages will create really amazing images using the paint or on whiteboards. I think they like the fact they can wipe the image away if they don't like it.


  1. kierna,
    These are great, and thank you for the article, as well, as the helpful post here about crossing the midline. It is interesting how in ECE, we can find playful and creative ways to assist our children in their development - and you are an amazing educator!

    1. Hi Brenda, your comments are always so supportive, thanks so much xx

  2. Anonymous05 May, 2014

    Lovely hints of Prints!

  3. Anonymous05 May, 2014

    Oh, but the link to the article on crossing the mid line cannot be not found.

    1. Thanks, don't know where it went to!


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