Friday, 21 February 2014

Cookies on the fire.

For this weeks outdoor day, we decided to try baking some cookies I had got a roll of cookie dough & it is supposed to take 15-20 minutes in the oven so I figured it would be possible to bake them outside on the fire too.
The instructions were clear & easy to follow but I decided to cut the 'discs' in half so we could get double the amount out of a packet. The children enjoyed trying a little taste of the cookie dough while helping me cut them up.
I was glad I had cut them in half as they really spread when heated up & I think they would have been giant cookies if I'd followed the instructions!
The children enjoyed watching the cookie dough spread & change colour & texture. With cooking on the fire, it is trial & error & once again we left them too long before turning them over but the children were more than happy to accept that the burnt bits were chocolate!
The cookies were delicious & I reckon next time we try this we'll get it just right, but the fact that there were no crumbs left showed how popular they were.


  1. This I must try when the summer rolls around. Love how they're waiting for their cookies :)

    1. Hi, yes definitely one we'll be trying again too.


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