Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Cotton Wool Snowmen.

I have made these with my class for 3 years now & honestly this year I was not really inspired by the thought of making them & even toyed with ditching the idea for something else. However, once again, the children proved to me that sometimes as an adult I have to be very careful that I don't over think things & remember that just because I've done something before it doesn't mean the children in the class won't enjoy doing it for the first time in their nursery year.

Experience has however taught me that it's much easier if the children put the glue onto the page rather than onto the cotton pads, as they tend to pull apart if they get too much glue on them. I offered a selection of collage materials for the children to choose from as accessories for their snowmen - buttons, match sticks, sweetie papers & paper semi circles. They also had wiggly eyes in a variety of sizes. 

As I watched the children working on these pieces I loved seeing how they all approached it so differently, some wanted theirs to look exactly like the one I had used as a guide whilst others created their own with a completely different layout & approach. These are always lovely when displayed all together on the wall & they then go into the portfolios when it's time to replace the artwork.


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