Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Enjoying a new outdoor space.

The hill/mountain!
For the past 9 years we have been very fortunate to be able to make use of the amazing outdoor space at a local special school nearby. We have been in partnerships with their nursery class a few times as well but this year we are just enjoying visiting the sensory garden and playing with their nursery children. 

Today all the children got hopped up in their 'rain gear' with hats & gloves and we headed off on a huge yellow bus to have fun in the forest. Lots of mummies came along too to help out. 

The children had their snack first before going for a walk around the garden to see all the places they could play, then they were able to just explore the site for an hour and some of their new friends from the nursery class in the school joined them. 
There are lots of oak trees in the space so loads of leaves to enjoy - the children loved climbing up the hill/mountain and some enjoyed rolling or running down it even more. Sometimes they even managed to fly through the air & skid to a stop in the leaves!
Some children spent a long time searching for trees to climb and were very pleased to find one or two.

When we were leaving all the children asked when they can return to the forest again of more fun.
Back at school, the wobbly bridge & hill were declared the best parts of the visit.
The wobbly bridge.
Thanks to all those parents who came along to help out. 

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