Tuesday, 17 December 2013


Back in August when on summer holidays I read a post on ABC Does by Alistair on Mini-mes. I loved the idea & decided this was definitely something I wanted to do with my new class. As they settled in in the month of September I made sure to get a photo of every child. I think the best thing about the Mini-Mes is that every person making them will have their own version. I got the photos taken in September but only got round to putting them on blocks last week. I had chatted with Lesley from Takoma Park Cooperative Nursery School about this project & she had made hers with off cuts of fence posts.
Takoma Park's Mini-Mes
Our caretaker had been going to make me some blocks from off cuts but he was just too busy elsewhere so I decided to use 27 of our Community Playthings unit blocks. 

I have to say the Mini-Mes have been a big hit, it is so funny to hear the children saying 'Where am I?' 'Have you seen me?' and they refer to them as 'Kierna Block' as if it was a separate person!

The Mini-Mes visit the stable to see baby Jesus!


  1. Wait! To be clear!!! I was all set to make this big production of these using short lengths of heavy cardboard tube filled with sand and taped up, etc. etc. THANK GOODNESS I happened to be talking to you because you gave me the idea to use the fence cut-offs. I had this whole bag of them waiting for that perfect project. Saved my life and got them made sooner rather than painstakingly later.

    1. Ha! I think we came up with the idea together xxx


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