Friday, 13 December 2013

Every Time I Climb a Tree.

Every Time I Climb a Tree
Every time I climb a tree
I scrape a leg 
Or skin a knee 
And every time I climb a tree
Where have you been? 
They say to me 
But don't they know that I am free 
Every time I climb a tree? 
But still it's pretty good for me 
Every time I climb a tree

(Paraphrased from the full poem by David McCord 1897-1997)

This year the children love to try climbing trees, much more than any other year. So when we go to Peatlands Park or Sperrinview they spend ages walking around seeing which trees are most suitable for climbing. I love to see their sense of pride & achievement when they do manage to get up into a tree & back down again.
I have this poster from Explorations Early Learning displayed in school & I think it says it all about why tree climbing is such an essential part of preparing for school!


  1. Every child should climb a tree :) #CountryKids

  2. something we do often !! Well when i say 'we' i mean my boys of course!! I love that poem , such meaning in its words. Tree climbing should be made compulsory! x

    1. Yes, wouldn't that be amazing & just think of how some children who sometimes feel like failures in the school system would be able to lead the way & feel so proud.


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