Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Simple Fun!

The children came back after two weeks off and I was delighted that they all came happily into nursery and settled easily back into routine - I always worry a little the night before that they won't!!
However, I should know better, they were all glad to see their friends again and enjoy playing outside and it really did seems as if it it was just like an ordinary Monday after any weekend.
It was, however, quite dark and wet but they just grabbed their torches and made the most of their playtime.
I had asked for old Christmas trees to be donated to the nursery and managed to get two already, the branches were strewn around the forest area of the playground to replenish the old branches and bark chips. After two weeks of constant rain the mud kitchen was full of water, every bowl and pot or pan and the sink were overflowing. Several children couldn't wait to get into the rain clothes and head over there to start 'cooking'. One girl added some Christmas tree branches and leaves to make 'Christmas juice' - I must say the smell was delicious!
On mornings like this, it is hard to find a better job - sitting in the rain on a tree stump being served Christmas juice or spaghetti (water with willow leaves)! The tree branches prove more loose parts for play as one child used the top of one the trees as a whisk to make her soup!
Christmas juice!
Inside, meanwhile, we had water beads in the water tray for endless hours of fun - it is so magical to watch the clear ones 'disappear' in the water and the children were very careful not to let them bounce over the floor too much. They decided they were slippy, slimy, soft and like jelly.
I can't wait to see what adventures we will have in term 2.

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