Monday, 9 November 2015

Embracing the rain!

September and October may well have been the driest months we have had for a long time but from very early on, this class was drawn to the water barrel in the playground & were so disappointed by the lack of rain! They emptied it after a few days and had to wait a long time for it to fill up again. We used to allow the children to use the hose and tap but then decided that they do need to learn about the conservation of water, so the water barrel is a perfect way to do this.
Like bees around honey - the children are drawn to the water barrel.
So November has proved to be a great month so far for this class as it has been so wet! They have been so happy to find the water barrel filled up each morning & have enjoyed emptying it before the morning is over
It is always frat to have a group of children who embrace the weather no matter what - even though we encourage this some years it is harder than others. But this year there is a group who love getting on their rain gear and playing in the mud kitchen or larger sand pit in the forest area. They spend time 'cooking' and making a variety of concoctions with water, leaves, sticks & whatever else they can find in the playground.
I think the following photos perfectly illustrate that with the right clothes & attitude there really is no such thing as bad weather.

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