Monday, 10 March 2014

Not all boots are the same!

***This is not a sponsored post***

I have learned that cheap is not necessarily good & there are some things I won't compromise on - coffee being the main one, I refuse to buy cheap coffee believing that you really do get what you pay for. 
Now 4 years ago we invested in good quality snow boots from Cotton Traders, my assistant & I wear them 5 days a week, 10 months a year & these proved to be comfortable, warm & completely waterproof. Even on the iciest of mornings these boots proved effective & has fantastic treads & I wore them in heavy snow when visiting Iceland. I think because we tend to be kneeling down a lot helping children in & out of wellies/shoes & rain gear, eventually both of our boots split across the top. 
I went in search of them again but they had increased a lot in price so I decided to try a cheaper alternative - wrong idea!

Pair 1 - not waterproof at all!
The first pair I bought proved to not be truly waterproof, on the first really wet morning as I stood in a puddle I could feel my feet getting wetter & wetter. Then I ordered another pair that looked exactly like the Cotton Traders ones but of course they weren't the same.
Pair 2 - the incredible sock eating boots!
First off the Cotton Trader boots are generously sized to allow for extra socks & they have a velcro tab on the ankle to keep the boots secure. The cheaper pair I ordered were too tight to allow a warm pair of socks to be worn but more importantly because they had no fastening at the top these boots ate my socks!!
Pair 3 - warm & comfortable with a good tread..
So I finally accepted that I should have known better & just bought the good ones that I knew work for everyday use in the first place. Luckily by now, Spring had arrived & they were reduced. But I have learned my lesson, when these ones wear out I will go straight to Cotton Traders to replace them, no faffing about with cheaper alternatives!


  1. I'm like you. In the wet and cold here, I have learned the hard way. I also need extra room for bigger just makes sense.
    It's easier for me to have this thinking when it comes to me and hubby (cause we're adults), but sometimes, I still get it wrong where the kids are concerned. I figure they're going to outgrow this or that...I'm learning though.

    1. It is so much harder to justify big costs with children as you say knowing they will outgrow them but as you say you do learn as time goes by. Thanks for leaving a comment.

  2. Buying good gear in the first place has been a hard lesson for me to learn as well. My husband has been really encouraging. We end up spending less money in the long run.

    1. Exactly Mae, sometimes we need to remember that the initial cost will pan out in the end.

  3. Good boots are a must! I just bought a pair of Bogs and love them! They're tall, warm and 100 percent waterproof (at least so far). And no, I'm not sponsored by them, just really happy I've found a brand I like:o)

    1. Oh would love some Boggs, very jealous!


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