Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Simple bird feeders.

This year we are very lucky to have a brilliant NVQ student 2 days a week, this particular student was also one of our parent volunteers last year so she really, really 'gets' how things work in the nursery.

One of the tasks she did with the children was to make simple bird feeders using apples, peanut butter & bird seed. (We obviously have no children with peanut allergies in the class)

The apples were sliced into 3 & a hole made in the middle with some string feed through & tied. The children took turns to smear peanut butter over the apples before putting them into a large box full of seeds & scooping seeds over them with a spoon. It was a lovely relaxed activity & I enjoyed listening to the children chatting away & offering solutions about the best way to spread the peanut butter - 2 spoons was suggested by rejected in favour of just using their fingers!
It was really wet today so when they were ready to be hung on the tree only 1 child had on his rain gear so he came with me to hang them on the tree at the back of the 'forest area'. 
We'll soon see whether the birds enjoyed them or not!

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