Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Box Collage Project.

In September every child was asked to bring in an empty cereal box & then each month they have added a different layer to them, they started off with orange paint, then green, then green tissue paper & tinfoil & then today they added different coloured tissue paper & more tinfoil.

I saw these first on The Sophia Preschool, last year & have to say it was one of my favourite art activities, the children loved coming back to their boxes every 4-5 weeks & adding more detail each time. Sometimes there are children who get fed up very quickly when faced with a large blank space and this project is perfect for them as they can add as much or as little as they want each time and yet the end products all looks gorgeous.
As the year progresses they will add feathers, buttons, paper off cuts etc. and then in June they will be displayed around the classroom before they take them home. It was fantastic to see how many of the parents last year were so excited to get these home & one child told me his mum had put his up on the wall 'like a real painting'. I think you'll agree they did look rather cool.
The finished boxes last June.

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