Monday, 6 January 2014

Mini-mes - Iceland style.

The mini-mes in my setting
I love it when I can see ideas being shared around the globe & seeing children in other countries or settings enjoying the same things as my class. I introduced a set of Mini-mes to my class last month after seeing a post on the idea on ABC Does. During a weekly international staff meeting (as we have termed our weekly on line chats) Lesley from Takoma Park Cooperative Nursery School & I discussed how we really wanted needed to introduce this idea to our classes. It took me longer than I planned to use mine but it was worth the wait. (I wrote a short post on them here.) The children enjoy searching for 'their' block & it is very cute to watch them playing with a particular block if a child is absent that day - it almost provides a sense of comfort to them.

I also discovered that it has been an invaluable way for some children to learn their class mates names, I have several children this year with additional needs & recognising their peers has been a real issue for them but with the mini-mes we can make a game of it & they are able to gradually learn some if not all of the names. 
Icelandic mini-mes
When Unnur a colleague in our partner school in Iceland saw my post of the mini-mes, she headed off to make her own set & then in turn shared these photos with me. Unnur also had found that some children find comfort in playing with the mini-me of a friend if they were late or absent. 

I hope the mini-mes spread around the globe in 2014 & I have also got another idea from this Swedish blog Forskolan Syrennen of making blocks of the houses the children live in as well & maybe I could create family mini-mes!


  1. we will be making house blocks - but of the square that our project is going to be based on... thinking of trying to get one block per floor so that they can better see how the buildings have different heights... and why...
    we have also had a slection of ideas for the mini-mes... not sure which one we will be doing yet...
    hoping I can possibly get a trip to vist Syrenen too this year... part of my plans to travel this year...

  2. Those house blocks are a great idea! I used the mini mes a couple years ago. I attached the children's pictures with class packing tape and I still have tape residue on those blocks. What did you attach yours with?

    1. Oh I bet I'll have tape residue too but I am lucky enough to have enough that I can set 27 aside to use for mini-mes & will just reuse these blocks for next years class.


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