Monday, 9 December 2013

Sparkly Spool Christmas Trees

When the children have made these & they are sitting around in the classroom it really starts to feel Christmassy!

These Christmas Trees start off life as cardboard spools that we are lucky enough to get for free at the local scrap store (Play Resource Belfast)

It's a really simple yet magical activity, they children paint the spools with green paint & stick their name on them, they they put them in a box full of glitter, paper dots & sequins. (again the paper dots came from the Play Resource)

The children then have to shake the box up & down & from side to side & I always love to see their faces when the lid gets open & they have a sparkly tree instead of just a plain green one.

Of course they will go home & take pride of place in their houses but apologies first for all the glitter that will be in the car!!

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  1. These Sparkly Spool Christmas Trees are looking very beautiful and eye catchy. They have taken my heart and I am loving the decoration of them. Thumbs up.


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