Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Last trip of the woods for 2013 - a snapshot from Iceland

I am once again indebted to my Icelandic colleague Unnur for this last post of 2013. Here Unnur is good enough to share the adventures of her class as they enjoyed their final trip to the forest area near their school before the Christmas break. I was lucky enough to spend an afternoon with Unnur & her class in this area in October & it's lovely to see it covered in snow & being incorporated into their Christmas celebrations.

"The last trip to the woods before Christmas was full of mystery, the ground was covered with snow so it was easy to make it an exciting trip. While the children were at school watching a Christmas play 2 teachers sneaked off to decorate a tree & leave some footsteps in the snow!
At 12.00 about 30 children & 5 teachers headed into the woods, the children had been told it was going to be a different trip but that they would have to wait & see why. We headed to a part of the woods the children call 'Wolf Forest' and it wasn't too long until something interesting was discovered on one of the trees - it was a Christmas ornament. Someone said 'Hey, we did that at school, why is it here in the woods?' A big mystery!!

We walked a bit further & there was a fully decorated Christmas tree. We danced around the tree & sang some songs & then noticed some strange footsteps in the snow that could only have been from the Yule lads mother & their cat. (Read more about the Icelandic Yule lads here)

Then we had some hot chocolate & Christmas cookies before heading back to school the children played a little in the trees that are a favourite part of Wolf Forest.And so ended our little adventure in the woods for Christmas & 2013."


I am hoping that my school will continue their partnership with Stekkjaras in 2014 through an Erasmus Plus school partnership.


  1. Your trip looks so much fun!
    I'm sending my warmest wishes for a Happy New Year!!!
    I hope it brings you love, health and lots of creativity!!

    1. Thanks so much & I hope 2014 is a great year for you too xxx


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