Monday, 11 November 2013

More exploring of 'Bear Woods'

The plan had been to visit 'Bear Woods' on a weekly basis but then life got in the way! We have had parties & staff off sick so we only got back for a visit last week, almost a month since the last time.

This time we took some snack up with us to have a picnic on the grass - this was to practice for the next couple of weeks when the class will head off on trips to Sperrinview & Peatlands. It's always good to get used to eating snack all together, as we usually have a cafe style snack that the children can just come to when they are hungry.

We also decided to bring some more bottle babies up to live in Bear Woods, some children volunteered to carry them all the way up the hill from nursery - it was hard work!

Once in the woods, the children spread out in the space, some like to roll down the hill, others play with the food & trucks we have left up there. Then some discovered it was fun to lay the bottle babies down flat & try to walk along them like a path. Mrs Carson helped some children plant some seeds in 2 tyres we had brought up.

After a while the bell for break time rang in the main school & soon there were lots of bigger children over at the fence to speak to their younger brothers & sisters.

We then walked back down to nursery to have a short play time again before going inside for story & lunch time.

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