Thursday, 31 March 2011

After our rainy day.........

After we have fun outside in the rain this is what the classroom looks like when the children have gone home! When we first got our 'rain gear' we used to wash it after every outing, however we have now learned that it is better to just hang everything up, brush the mud off when it's dry & re-use. We only wash it once a term now. We are lucky to have a large upright dryer too for when things are really wet.


  1. Hi Kierna,
    I just found you on Let the Children Play, and am looking forward to reading about your outdoor activities and fun.

    Here in Saskatchewan, Canada spring is slowly arriving as well.

    I really enjoy learning what colleagues in other parts of the world are up to, as well as seeing the commonalities in our work!

    (My personal family background is Irish, so I am intrigued to follow your work):)

  2. hi Brenda - I have found so many fabulous blogs across the world through 'Let the children play' & am enjoying trying some new things out. I have relatives in Eastern Canada & spent a couple of summers working in Toronto, many, many years ago. Looking forward to learning more about preschools in Canada, Kierna